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Work At Home Article

What To Do With Your Business Cards

More about advertising by BIG Mike McDaniel


Without a plan to distribute your cards, there's

no need to print them in the first place.


Many fall into the trap of thinking all the thinking about business cards is over once the order is placed. Wrong! The average person has more than half of business cards still in the box at any given time.


Make a plan to empty your box of cards in 3 months

or less, after all, those little cards are your

most powerful marketing tool.


Always carry cards with you. Always have them

handy. "Let's see, I've got one here somewhere,

no, that's a card I got yesterday, no, that's my

kid's picture, here it is, no, that's not it



Always keep them fresh and flat. If they

look worn or dirty, pitch 'em. You should be able

to quick draw your card faster than Gunsmoke's

Matt Dillon. If somebody gives you their business

card, you should give them yours in return, face



Think of your card as a print ad for you. Leave it

everywhere. More ad exposure leads to more

business. If you designed your card well, your

home address is not on it so you can leave it

anywhere without fear a burglar will come



Many stores, banks and restaurants have bulletin

boards. Keep a few push pins in your car.


Always drop your card in the fishbowls offering a prize.


Enclose a card with every check you send to pay bills.


Leave one on the table with your tip (as long as the tip is not embarrassing).


Give one to friends "Do you have my new card?"


Keep a supply in a cardholder on your desk or at the front counter.


Ask your spouse to always carry your cards, ready

to deliver should they meet someone who might be

interested in your product or service.


Keep spare cards everywhere so you never have to

grope for one, or worse yet, not find one and end

up scribbling your name on the back of someone

else's card.


Put the info on your card in a sig file that

automatically appears at the bottom of all your

eMail. Get my article that show you how, step by

step. MailTo:SIGFile@BigIdeasgroup.com.


If anything on your card changes, bite the bullet,

eat the expense, and pitch 'em.


Your business card is more than a reference tool.

It can be your biggest marketing advantage for

people to remember you and forget your



For more about business cards, get my article

"What Does the BACK of Your Business Card Say?" MailTo:BizCardBack@BigIdeasGroup.com


2004 BIG Mike McDaniel, Professional Speaker and

Former Major Market TV News Anchor. The BIG Ideas Group helps small business grow with mastermind groups, seminars and sales training. MailTo:Mike@BIGIdeasGroup.com http://BIGIdeasGroup.com


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